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Bespoke Software Development

Your company is unique, your workflows are unique. Having a software solution built to fit your specific needs is the best way to make your company grow.

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Web Development

Web Application Development

Customers want to upload requirements? Reps need remote access to important data? Want to sell online with E-Commerce? Custom Web Applications are what you need.

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Web Site Speed

Technical SEO

You have a website but think it could have more visitors? Use Google's free tools to view the issues and we'll get them fixed!

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Adwords Certified

Online advertising can be one of the best tools for increasing your website traffic, exposure and sales. Or it can be a time draining experience, costing you time, energy and most importantly money. Having a professional manage your AdWords account will improve your return on investment.

We have worked with Adwords for over 10 years, and to make sure we are always up to date with the newest techniques we maintain our Certifications: Google Shopping & Display Ads.

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Software Development

Bespoke Software Development

By automating and integrating your business processes, you can improve efficiency and reduce costs. Since everything is built to your individual requirements our solutions can solve problems that off the shelf applications can't handle.

If you have different systems that need to talk to each other, we can help with a systems integration software. The uses are as varied as your business but here are some examples of where this could be of use: Have the warehouse stock system send stock levels to your website. Get the product details out of your accounts package and into your design system to create up-to-date catalogues.

Web Development

Web Application Development

From simple one-page data entry forms to large company wide applications, we're a reliable partner for your web development needs. Our online systems can also be integrated into your local systems. So when a plumber enters his hours and parts used on the job, the accounts system can automatically raise an invoice.

Allowing customers to place orders when they want to is essential for any business that aims to give great customer service, we specialise in fast and easy to use E-Commerce systems for both B2B and B2C sites.

If you need to share data with staff, business partners or customers, we can develop web portals that allow them to access and update the information they need 24 hours a day from anywhere.

Web Site Speed Up

Technical Search Engine Optimisation

Search engines love fast websites. So much so that Google has a free tool so you can see how fast you are and improve your performance: Page Speed Test Just open it up and enter your web address. If the results aren't green that is where we can help.
By making your site load faster, your visitors will have a better experience (no one likes waiting for a slow site) and it can help your position in the search results.

Is your site mobile friendly? You can use this free tool to check: Mobile Friendly If it shows any issues contact us and we'll help.

Not sure what any of this is, don't worry. You can send us your website address using the contact form and we can check for you.

We also work with creative agencies that are great at design, but not so versed in the coding side. Feel free to contact us if you need a hand with a tricky project.

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We Dont

What we don't do

We don't do design work, for websites. However, we have partners we work with to make sure you get a great design at a good price. And we deliver the brains to make everything work.

If you are looking at print or other media design work to do that's not something we can help with. But if you need anything put into an existing design you already have, e.g. automatically create a printable pdf product catalogue using an existing design we can help.

Agency work

If you are a design agency and need help bringing your design to life, we are happy to help. Either as an external partner or in a white label capacity. Just get in touch.

Looking for some design work? We are always looking for partner agencies, feel free to send over a link to your profile and a guide on your rates.

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